Cost-effective connection and conversion

About Us

In a noisy, cluttered world we offer brands the ability to cost-effectively connect and converse with their audiences in a way that translates into real profit and returns.

By using premium digital tools and a mobile-first approach we are able to connect with precision-targeted, quality audiences through any of their devices and monitor media performance in real time.

Creative in all aspects

In a nutshell…
we develop and implement media strategies that connect with consumers everywhere.

We believe that content and context is key. And that great creative, coupled with innovative digital media engagements and experiences is a recipe for online success.

We disrupt and innovate

Why The Blue Code?

Media and Creative Innovation Focus

We source and invest in the most up-to-date media technologies to create lasting and seamless branded experiences. From video neutral planning, apps and super-advanced targeting technologies, we find new and exciting ways for your customers to feel, engage, connect, share and buy.

Meaningful Insights

Our experienced and highly talented data team specialise in metrics and reporting that deliver deep insight into your audience and how they are responding to our mix of channel and creative. Giving us the ability to be agile and respond immediately to market trends and opportunities.

Strategies that Convert Cost Efficiently

Our multi-channel strategies are designed to engage with your audiences at every step of the customer journey – from consideration to conversion. Our job is to grow your audience’s relationship with your brand and be there for them at the moment of truth.

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